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Obligatory Welcome Message.
Welcome to the diary of a bitter lesbian. I know you all have heard of the man hating lesbian, the u-haul lesbian and the toaster lesbian but I am not any of those. I'm just a dyke who is sick of women. Yep, that's right. Sick. Of. Women. I've had it with the drama and the lying, the snobbery and the general lesbian scene. I've had it with online dating, offline dating and meeting people through friends. Ladies night is a joke and the only decent lesbians I have met are so damn picky it floors me. At this point if I was bi, I would date men, but unfortunately I'm not. Not even a little bit. 

A little about me... I am 30 and single (the horror) and well, a lesbian. I live in New England and was born and raised west of here. I'm not going to be big on specifics because that isn't the point. I will tell you that I'm probably average on looks, below average on weight (not a supermodel but not overweight either), stable and semi-intelligent. I am employed, self-supporting and pretty low-key. 

I don't actually know entirely where I intend to take this and I can't guarantee that it won't be a rant-fest of dating horror stories or that anyone will actually read it but if anyone wants to commiserate, feedback is always welcome. Everyone has always said that I should write a book but since our economy sucks and my motivation is low I figured I would start with a blog. 


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