This isn't meant to be a diary, a laundry list of people not to date or god-forbid, an advice column. Names and locations have been omitted to protect me, from having my ass hunted down and killed. You only think I'm kidding... And encounters will be listed in the order they were received, to the best of my recollection. If you live in a world where there is no pain or sadness, have an extreme intolerance for cynicism or are expecting a happy ending you should probably stop reading here. There is no happy ending. It isn't going to turn out like the guy who wrote My Ex-Wife's Wedding Dress and is now happily remarried and making thousands of dollars off of his book deal and website.  That said, what also is not appreciated is anyone who thinks they can "fix me", who commonly utters phrases like "true love happens when you're not looking" and who feels the need to post idiotic replies; they will be deleted. This isn't a book, I'm not selling you anything and I don't really care if you read it. If you're thinking "wow, she's such a bitch, no wonder she's single", at this point you're probably right. But the term is bitter lesbian, not happy optimistic lesbian and I've only just begun.


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